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About Us

Weed World Candies launched in 1999 with the goal to get Marijuana & Hemp legalized and industrialized. We tour the country in a fleet of "loud" vehicles promoting the legalization and decriminalization of the cannabis plant and all its components. Please Join us on our quest for legalization. 

​We have partnered with many businesses in the cannabis industry to further the fight for legalization. We have been featured in "L.A TIMES" "FOX BUSINESS", "THE DAILY NEWS", " MIAMI CH.6 NEWS", and "NORTH CAROLINA CH.13 NEWS" to name a few. Here are a few links.

"L.A Times" June/22/2010

"New York City Daily News" May/30/2013


"FOX Business" Aug/9/2013

"FOX  5 Chicago" Sep/14/2013

"NBC CH6 News Miami" April/29/2014

"North Carolina CH.13 News" April/11/2017